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Bloomberg - November 2019
— Disney’s Streaming Push Turned Amazon Into Its Frenemy. . . Read the article.

Wallethub - November 2019
—2019 Black Friday - Ask the Experts. . . Read the article.

Emory Business - Spring 2017
— Knowledge Creation. . . Read the article.

Emory Business - May 5, 2017
— Sandy Jap Named Professorship . . . Read the article.

Institute for the Study of Business Markets - January 2017 Research Newsletter
. . . Read the Newsletter.

Sandy Jap, a marketing professer at the Goizueta Business School, has received the 2016 Lifetime Award from the American Marketing Association's Interorganizational Special Interest Group (IOSIG). . . Read the Article.

Keep Your Enemies Close and Your Business Partners Closer
. . . Read the Article.

Institute for the Study of Business Markets Interview with Sandy Jap
. . . Watch the Video.

Goizueta Faculty Interview: Sandy Jap Explains Frenemies and the Art of Building Trust
Professor of Marketing Sandy Jap is one of the co-founders of the Emory Marketing Analytics Center and recently published a new book Partnering with the Frenemy: A Framework for Managing Business Relationships, Minimizing Conflict, and Achieving Partnering Success. She spoke with Business Librarian Saira Raza about her research and journey to academia. . . . Read the Interview.

The 'squishy' side of B2B
Business relationships fail more often than they succeed. Enter Sandy Jap, an expert in interorganizational relationships, whose research spans industries and organizations in both profit and nonprofit spaces.. . . Read the Newsletter.

Behind Frenemy Lines
Navigating Business Relationships and the Challenges of "Frenemization". . . Read the Article.

Dealing with frenemies
. . . Read the Article.

DeKalb Business Today, host Matt Holmes welcomes a trio of business leaders with ties to Emory University. Emory professor Sandy Jap rounds out the panel, looking at how business relationships involving friends can go sour.

Emory Business Professor Examines "Frenemy" Phenomenon In New Book Partnering with the Frenemy
. . . Read the article.

How to Pick the Perfect Business Partner
. . . Read the article.

Roundtable: Will tech's reach wreak havoc with work?
. . . Read the article.

Franchising law may affect Atlanta hotels
. . . Read the article.

Jap on picking the right marketing channel
. . . Read the article.

How Marketers Can Optimize Their Multichannel Media Mix
. . . Read the article.

Jap on the importance of trust in B2B relationships
. . . Read the article.

Four Area Malls To Open Thanksgiving Day
. . . Read the article.

Strategic Alliances and Collaborations
. . . Read the article.

Goizueta Launches Marketing Analytics Center
. . . Read the article.

Reverse Auctions: When the Price is too Low
. . . Read the article.